• All Federal, State and local laws and regulations must be followed.
  • Illinois FOID card (or out-of-state driver’s license) must be presented to handle any firearm or modern ammunition.
  • All cartridge guns must be tied. No exceptions. If you cut a tie for a customer re-tie it immediately afterward.
  • All detachable magazines must be removed.
  • No loaded guns of any description.
  • No loaded carry guns allowed in the building(s)
  • No loose modern ammo. Package it, Box it, Bag it or keep it under glass. Antique and collectible ammo is of course allowed.
  • All tables must be covered.
  • No photography allowed without prior arrangement with CADA and the subject owner.
  • No early pick-up/pack-up. The public expects us to respect the stated show hours.
  • All table items must be firearms or related ( military, sporting, hunting). Be reasonable People, this is not a flea market.
  • With this application, I hereby release Zurko’s Midwest Promotions, Robert Zurko, their employees, agents, officers, & location in which the event is held from all liability whatsoever for claims for loss, damage, or injury to myself, merchandise & employees.  Not responsible for lost, broken or stolen items.
  • No refunds.
  • All merchandise must be of suitable quality for this type of show.  Management reserves the right to inspect ALL displays and Dealer agrees to remove immediately any merchandise the Management considers inappropriate.
  • No discount “sales” or “sale” signs allowed.
  • No modern guns currently in production are allowed.
  • The sale of Bump Stocks are prohibited.
  • All firearms manufactured after 12/31/1898 are considered modern firearms regardless of origin. All modern firearms are subject to both federal and state laws and regulations.
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