CADA – Collectors Arms Dealers Association Membership

2019 Update!  The Collector Arms Dealers Association has disbanded.   However, the Collector Arms Dealers still maintain a presence by vending at the National Civil War, Collector Arms, and Military show at the Dupage County Fairgrounds. 

We invite you to join CADA!  CADA promotes, friendship and mutual benefit for the collector, preservation, use and study of arms and their accessories.

CADA Code of Ethics

I, as a member of the Collectors Arms Dealers Association, (CADA) agree to abide by the CADA Code of Ethics. I agree:

  1. To conduct my business in an ethical manner and to strive to give each customer satisfaction.
  2. To honestly represent items which are offered for sale by me as to authenticity, genuineness, and condition to the best of my knowledge and control.
  3. To furnish a receipt and/or certificate of authenticity if requested by the customer.
  4. To allow my customer a minimum of three days for inspection of items not personally purchased at a show and within that period to refund the full purchase price if the customer so requests for any reason.
  5. To refund the full purchase price of any item sold by me within thirty days of purchase if the item is determined to be fraudulent.

CADA is a National Rifle Association affiliate

Robert Groenland, Treasurer: 847-815-7604

Interested in becoming a CADA member?

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