Illinois Antique Arms and Military Show

New vendors welcome!
You do not have to be a CADA member to sell at our antique arms and military show
Antique and Collector Arms only.
No modern guns currently in production are allowed.

Dealer Registration

All dealers must adhere to the following code of conduct:

  • All Federal, State and local laws and regulations must be followed.
  • Illinois FOID card (or out-of-state driver’s license) must be presented to handle any firearm or modern ammunition.
  • All cartridge guns must be tied. No exceptions. If you cut a tie for a customer re-tie it immediately afterward.
  • All detachable magazines must be removed.
  • No loaded guns of any description.
  • No loaded carry guns allowed in the building(s)
  • No loose modern ammo. Package it, Box it, Bag it or keep it under glass. Antique and collectible ammo is of course allowed.
  • All tables must be covered.
  • No photography allowed without prior arrangement with CADA and the subject owner.
  • No early pick-up/pack-up. The public expects us to respect the stated show hours.
  • Civil War, Revolutionary War, Collector Arms, Spanish-American War, Indian Wars, Mountain Men, Bowie Knife, Fur Traders, & WW I & II only.  Table Split – 70% or more Civil War through Spanish American War and no more than 30% WWI & WWII
  • No modern guns currently in production are allowed.

All firearms manufactured after 12/31/1898 are considered modern firearms regardless of origin. All modern firearms are subject to both federal and state laws and regulations.

Selling – Non-Licensed IL Residents:
*You may sell to any FFL holder
*You may sell to an out-of-state individual only thru an FFL here who will transfer/ship the firearm to your local FFL where you live.
*You may sell to any IL resident provided that you do the following:
1) Record the sale in your records
2) Phone the State of IL at 1-866-752-1246 from the show and obtain a transaction number and an approval number. You will need F.O.I.D information of both buyer and seller and a credit card to charge the small $2.00-$3.00 fee
3) Hold a long gun for 24 hrs. or a handgun for 72 hrs. before buyer takes possession

Selling – Non-Residents:
*Non-licensed, non-residents can only transfer a modern firearm to an FFL holder or thru an FFL to the buyer. All IL regulations will apply to the final transfer.

Purchasing – IL Residents:
*You may buy from a local FFL holder if he’ll sell to you as if in his place of business-with the waiting period
*You may buy from an out-of-state FFL holder who must transfer only to another (local) FFL
*You may buy from a non-licensed IL resident who must follow the selling requirements as stated above.

Purchasing – Non-Residents:
*You may purchase only from a local FFL holder (perhaps provided by the seller) who will ship the firearm to an FFL in your state of residence.


Interested in becoming a vendor?

Download a PDF vendor application.

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