Illinois Gun Shows

New vendors welcome!
You do not have to be a CADA member to sell at our gun shows.
Antique, Collector & Vintage are welcome.
No modern guns currently in production are allowed.

Dealer Registration

All dealers must adhere to the following code of conduct:

  • All Federal, State and local laws and regulations must be followed.
  • Illinois FOID card (or out-of-state driver’s license) must be presented to handle any firearm or modern ammunition.
  • All cartridge guns must be tied. No exceptions. If you cut a tie for a customer re-tie it immediately afterward.
  • All detachable magazines must be removed.
  • No loaded guns of any description.
  • No loaded carry guns allowed in the building(s)
  • No loose modern ammo. Package it, Box it, Bag it or keep it under glass. Antique and collectible ammo is of course allowed.
  • All tables must be covered.
  • No photography allowed without prior arrangement with CADA and the subject owner.
  • No early pick-up/pack-up. The public expects us to respect the stated show hours.
  • All table items must be firearms or related ( military, sporting, hunting). Be reasonable People, this is not a flea market.
  • No modern guns currently in production are allowed.

All firearms manufactured after 12/31/1898 are considered modern firearms regardless of origin. All modern firearms are subject to both federal and state laws and regulations.

Selling – Non-Licensed IL Residents:
*You may sell to any FFL holder
*You may sell to an out-of-state individual only thru an FFL here who will transfer/ship the firearm to your local FFL where you live.
*You may sell to any IL resident provided that you do the following:
1) Record the sale in your records
2) Phone the State of IL at 1-866-752-1246 from the show and obtain a transaction number and an approval number. You will need F.O.I.D information of both buyer and seller and a credit card to charge the small $2.00-$3.00 fee
3) Hold a long gun for 24 hrs. or a handgun for 72 hrs. before buyer takes possession

Selling – Non-Residents:
*Non-licensed, non-residents can only transfer a modern firearm to an FFL holder or thru an FFL to the buyer. All IL regulations will apply to the final transfer.

Purchasing – IL Residents:
*You may buy from a local FFL holder if he’ll sell to you as if in his place of business-with the waiting period
*You may buy from an out-of-state FFL holder who must transfer only to another (local) FFL
*You may buy from a non-licensed IL resident who must follow the selling requirements as stated above.

Purchasing – Non-Residents:
*You may purchase only from a local FFL holder (perhaps provided by the seller) who will ship the firearm to an FFL in your state of residence.


Interested in becoming a vendor?

Download a PDF vendor application.

Please click the below links to register online as a vendor:

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